natural breast enlargementGetting bigger and curvy breasts is the dream of every woman in these days. Before getting bigger breasts almost every woman thinks or asks how natural breast enlargement takes place or how natural breast growth happens? There are many answers to this question but all these answers point to one thing and that is hormones.

Yes it is hormone that determines how our body works, how much food we digest, how much fat we will gain or loss and how much we become taller. When it comes to natural breast enlargement then it is hormones that determine when they will grow and how much they will grow. If you want to make your breast bigger naturally then you have to recreate the environment of Puberty in which your breast growth happened and it is completely natural. All these muscle builders are taking ‘steroids’ to create growth environment inside the body and you have to do it same but without any steroids.

To recreate breast growth environment inside your body, you have to achieve four goals that are:

  • Level Estrogen (cut down ‘FAKE’ estrogen)
  • Increase Prolactin
  • Increase Growth Hormone
  • Decrease Testosterone

All these breast enlargement pills and creams are based on these four goals but you can achieve these goals naturally without using pills or creams and best thing is that you don’t have to give any explanation to anyone about why your chest are getting bigger and bigger every week/month.

Let’s take a look on how to achieve these four goals for natural breast enlargement:

Level Out Estrogen:

EstrogenWe all know Estrogen is the most crucial hormone for natural breast growth. In fact, without estrogen your female parts can’t able to grow. Estrogen is also known as womanly hormone because woman body contains more amount of estrogen as compare to men body.

Despite of having higher amount of estrogen, there are many women who fail to get bigger and round breast as they desire. This is because these women either have too much estrogen or little estrogen in their body. Having too much Estrogen in the body will make organs unresponsive to estrogen and stops the breasts development. By having too little estrogen, breasts will not able to get estrogen that they need for development. Thus, the ideal situation for you is to level out estrogen hormone in your body.

Estrogen is not only crucial for natural breast growth but this hormone is also responsible for the growth of other female parts like thighs, butts, belly and triceps. It is necessary for you to have exact breast enlargement plan like Boost Your Bust so that you will know how to provide balance amount of estrogen directly to breasts for their development. Here I want to mention that Jenny’s Boost Your Bust is the program that will help you in finding how much excess estrogen you have in your body.

Fake Estrogen:

Before we jump to other goals it is worth to mention that now these days there are many substances that containing ‘FAKE’ estrogen. One of commonly found fake estrogen is ‘Xenoestrogen’.

You have to do your best to avoid Xenoestrogen from your diet as much as possible if you want breast development to take place. This is because Xenoestrogen will send signals to your brain that body is having too much estrogen and thus making your body irresponsive to real estrogen.

By keeping Xenoestrogen out of your body, you will open up your body to accept real estrogen for natural breast growth.

Increase Prolactin:

Prolactin hormone comes next after estrogen in term of importance for breast enlargement. Prolactin is the hormone that is responsible for leveling out Estrogen in the body. Your body needs balance amount of Estrogen and with the help of Prolactin hormone you can reduce excess level of estrogen in your body.

It is necessary to understand that body doesn’t produce Prolactin hormone naturally outside Puberty or Pregnancy. But the good news is you can increase Prolactin in your body with the help of some herbs. Prolactin hormone also helps in making breasts fuller and round.

Increase Growth Hormones:

Growth HormoneGrowth hormone is another crucial hormone that is responsible for the development of various body parts includes breasts. Another great advantage is growth hormone acts like ‘policeman’ in the body and controls the overproduction of any hormone in the body.

There are supplements that increase Growth Hormone in the body while you can also increase growth hormone in your body with the combination of diet plan and exercise routine. Growth hormones supplements are completely optional because some of them come with additional chemicals that can halt the progress of breast development.

The simple rule of the fact is the higher amount of growth hormones you have in your body, the higher chances for your breast to become bigger and rounder.

Decrease Testosterone:

testosterone hormoneLast and final goal you have to achieve for natural breast enlargement is decreasing Testosterone. Testosterone is commonly known as manly hormone because testosterone found in higher amount in male body and this hormone is responsible for muscle development as well. Some ladies like this hormone as well because it increases sex drive.

There are some women who naturally have higher amount of Testosterone in their body and thus they can’t able to get bigger and rounder breasts. Testosterone is very strong hormone as it kills any presence of estrogen from the body. This is the reason you must decrease testosterone from your body if you want to start breast development.

Different researches showed that the increased level of Testosterone occurred because of increased insulin in the body. Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for breaking sugar from the sugary foods you consume and helping other body parts in the production of Testosterone. By reducing amount of sugary foods from your diet you can stop testosterone from increasing in your body.


The most crucial factor in natural breast growth is balancing your hormone. You can’t get bigger breast by just increasing level of estrogen in your body as you need Prolactin and Growth hormone to level out and cutting down excess amount of Estrogen from your body. You have to make sure to keep balance amount these three hormones while decreasing testosterone hormone from your body. Once you achieve this you will able to start getting growth pain in your breasts as it is indicating that your breasts are developing. Don’t lose patience for getting bigger breasts because on average you will gain only ¼ – ½ inch per month.

Here are some herbs that will help you in getting bigger breasts